Quality roughage for any animal's needs!  Our hay inventory is always up to date.  

We are conveniently located in North West Fort Collins, Colorado.

Delivery and unloading available with no minimum purchases required. 

Cash or good check (valid ID required) accepted.

Current Hay Inventory

North Park Grass 3x3 Bales

$120 a Bale





Good North Park Grass Hay.

Put up fast and dry, good color and lots of leaf.  3x3 Bales are uniform and tight, weighing 600-630lbs.


Availible in Fort Collins, CO



1st & 2nd Cutting Grass Alfalfa Mix 3x4 Bales

$165 a Bale




Nice 1st and 2nd cutting Grass Alfalfa mix hay.  Plenty of color, would make a good feed for any animal.


3x4 bales average 1050-1200lbs


Available in Fort Collins

4th Cutting Alfalfa 3x3 Bales

$145 a Bale




Perfect 4th cutting alfalfa! Lots of leaf with small fine stems.  Tested at 251 RFV! Would be perfect as a supplement feed w/ a grass hay.  3x3 bales are very dense and tight, weighing 875lbs


Limited Quantity

 Availible in Fort Collins, CO

2nd Cutting Grass 3x3 Bales

$135 a Bale




Good quality 2nd cutting grass.  Grew short so lots of leaf.  3x3 Bales weigh 650+/- lbs



Limited Quantity 

Availible in Fort Collins, CO


Having Doubts?

Having doubts about your next hay purchase? 

Have a picky eater or picky spouse?

We happily offer bagged hay samples upon request.  A no mess, easy solution to the never ending qustion of "Will my animals like this!" We also offer and perform core sampling upon request.

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