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Our Hay Production Services have been built on one primary principal "Together we achieve great results through excellent time management and communication"  From watching the weather forcast, to optimizing equipment efficiency while minimizing equipment down time, to keeping our clients informed through every step of the haying process.


Our Hay Production Services include everything required to put up any amount of hay, no job is to big or small.  We always pay top dollar for hay standing, and cash leases as well as generous sharcropping options and Custom Harvesting Prices

Feild Preperation and Mainenance including aeration and pasture rennovating, ditch maintenance, planting, fertilizing, and irrigation.

Swathing or Windrowing using disk windrower conditioners that optimize efficiency and minimize down times, while minimizing hay drying times by using crimper conditioners. 

Raking is performed in all of our haying operations to ensure uniform drying and curing of the windrows to provide consistent properly cured bales that are guraunteed to keep well all winter long. 

We rake using rotary rakes that properly flip and fluff windrows to eliminate wet bottom and "Slugs" that may be in the middle of the windrow in heavier spots.

When raking two rows together in light hay or round bale applications we use v-rakes and twin-rotor rakes to optimize our efficiency.

Large Square Baling availible in 3'x3'x8' large square bales weighing 600-800+ pounds depending on type of crop and crop density.  All of our bales are equipped with bale accumulators for easy bale collection and pickup, and moisture monitors for accurate hay quality production.

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